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Volunteering Project Zimbabwe:

Upon your arrival in the colonial town of Bulawayo “City of Kings” you will notice the relaxed and beautiful surroundings. From Bulawayo you will drive through various villages, tribal communities and schools where hard working, poverty-stricken people live. Over eighty percent of Zimbabweans are unemployed and agricultural production, which is the heart of the economy, continues to drop annually. The reality is most do not know where their next meal will come from.

The life of a child in Zimbabwe … Children are determined to receive an education and will walk over 20km to and from school; they often have no school supplies or simple text books, these children are not only hungry for food, but desperately want an education.  Most women, children and the elderly in our rural communities may walk for a full day to collect water from the nearest source, or to reach their nearest medical clinic.  The villages, tribal grounds and schools that we have assisted over the last thirty-six years all fall under a Chief, Tribal Council or Local Council. Throughout the province there are multiple projects that Run Wild African Safaris supports, which provides our volunteers an opportunity to do amazing work that contributes to immensely changing lives as a result of those efforts.


Your volunteer vacation will help make a tremendous difference in the life of these beautiful people. With a country that has 80% unemployment, 15% HIV rate, 45% malnourishment in children, and 90% of people in areas we’ll visit have no food at all, your time spent ‘giving back’ will be greatly rewarded.  Your volunteer efforts in Zimbabwe will not only be a bright ray of light for our children and their families, you will have the amazing experience of learning about the Zimbabweans traditional way of life and culture. You will receive the every lasting appreciation from your hosts who are overwhelmed by the assistance and love that you give to them.  It is difficult to estimate the personal reward our volunteers receive knowing they have contributed to the well being and care of those in need, while creating lasting memories that will be cherished forever.The support and help of our volunteers contribute to the recovery in Zimbabwe, giving hope to this embattled nation that a new dawn will soon rise.

Recent Update:

Although the end of 2014 and start of 2015 has seen little to no improvement in the local economy, we have witnessed significant improvements in the lives of our children and families in our target areas, due to the many contributions that have been given. During this brief period we have been able to help with school renovations at a poor rural school, help families in desperate need of food assistance and sponsor some children to attend school.

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