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African Lions
Zimbabwe Arnold Payne

Why us?

Every traveler is unique.  That is why we give our clients personalized service with customized itineraries based on their requests or desires.  Our goal is to give our clients an authentic experience they will never forget and give them the sights and sounds of the African bush along with a true cultural experience so when they leave the continent the memories of Africa will be branded on their hearts.   

Family Safaris
Zimbabwe Arnold Payne

Your African Travel Expert

We are a family owned African Tour Operator, offering exceptional and memorable tours throughout Southern Africa.  With over 40 years of combined experience and first-hand knowledge of the African bush and a dedicated team of professionals we bring you the very best that Africa has to offer.  Our African safari tours stand out because of our first-hand knowledge of the wildlife, culture and unique history of the entire region.​ 

 We offer budget and tailor made luxury Africa safari packages that can be arranged to meet ANY expectations that our clients may have. From luxury lodges throughout your safari destinations to tented camps for the wildlife enthusiast willing to “rough it a little,” your experience with Run Wild African Safaris will be most memorable. 

Multi-generational vacations

African Adventures

Africa is a land full of sheer beauty, wildlife, culture, history and mystery. We invite you to share the experience of a lifetime with us as you roam with the mighty elephant and search for the African lion.  


Explore our African Safari tours in unforgettable locations throughout Southern Africa that include South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We invite you to explore and learn about each country.  

Our goal is to have our clients experience some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife anywhere on the planet while relaxing in the absolute splendor of our beautiful lodging in the most remote African wilderness. We will choose an ideal combination of places for the wildlife, scenery and activities you are seeking for the time of the year that you decide to travel.  Our aim is for our guests to experience the sights and sounds of Africa in its most wild and natural state and to bring the lure of the African adventure to you, as only Africa knows.


Our Southern African safari tour packages takes you through some of the most beautiful and abundant game reserves on the continent. Southern Africa has a wild beauty and a variety of changing landscapes unspoiled by large scale tourism. The abundance of animals and birds is nothing short of amazing and you will have most of the vast game reserves almost to yourself.  


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The Majestic Elephant

Do you dream of standing 20 yards from an African elephant or experiencing the largest remaining elephant herd in all of Africa?  We invite you to join Run Wild African Safaris on a safari that will last a lifetime.  When you book with us your safari experience will help us protect Africa’s greatest remaining wildlife kingdoms and support the local people living alongside the amazing wildlife!   


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